A little bit about me.
My name is Fred Choi. I currently live in Michigan with my wife and two kids. Before moving to the midwest, I spent most of my time in Seattle and Colorado.

I developed an appreciation for photography at a young age as I saw my dad's interest in it and continued to pursue photography throughout my life going from film to DSLR, and now with a mirrorless system.

As a photographer, one of my goals is not only to just capture a moment in time but to try to encourage the viewer to engage senses beyond sight when viewing images. So not merely to see the photos, but to be taken on personal and individual experiences.
Years ago I lived in Golden, CO. Me and my now wife REALLY liked a particular Chinese restaurant and ordered delivery sometimes weekly. The ordering process went the same every time. Every time. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

“Hello. Happy Wok restaurant. How can I help you?”
“Yeah, I’d like to place an order for delivery.”
“Sure, what’s your name?”
“No. Fred.”
“No. Fred.”
“........ Bread? You think my name is bread?!”
“Fred, with and F”

Every time after that, I started my order with exactly that - Fredwithanf

So now you know
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